About Us

MiraMEMS is the innovator and leader of MEMS technology in China.

We design, develop and produce MEMS devices, and provide related technology services. Our main products include accelerometer, gyro, pressure sensor and magnetic sensor. They are widely used in consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial automation and etc.

MiraMEMS is founded by a well known management and R&D team and Suzhou Good-ark Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002079). The team spreads out in Suzhou, Silicon Valley and Taiwan. Team members have been working in the semiconductor and MEMS industry for decades. They are very experienced in product design and development, systems integration , packaging, testing, and production operations.

By providing high quality products and services and continuous innovation, MiraMEMS will become a competitive, cost-effective sensor chip manufacturer and solution provider. With self-developed three-dimensional MEMS-CMOS manufacturing platform technology, MiraMEMS will build strategic partnership with worldwide leading foundries, and establish MEMS device manufacturing standards.

Our goal is to become a world leading MEMS company which provides comprehensive total solutions through MEMS devices and system integration. MiraMEMS will take you sense the world and build an intelligent life.




Contact Us
  • Address:Add:218 Xing Hu Road, Biobay A4 Suite 509,SIP, China
  • Phone:0512-65926260
  • Fax:0512-65928260
  • e-mail:bhwu@miramems.com
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